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Dr. Dino Presentations

At Educational Biofacts, we are passionate about educating people of all ages about the fascinating world of paleontology. Invite Dr. Dino to your event for an educational presentation on dinosaurs that is both entertaining and informative. His talks include the use of fossils and replica fossils to provide a hands-on experience that engages and excites audiences.

Who is Dr. Dino?

Meet Dinosaur Expert Christopher DeLorey

Welcome to the world of dinosaurs! As an expert in education and paleontology with over 25 years of experience, I am thrilled to share my passion and knowledge with you. Through my work as a consultant for zoos and museums across the United States and Europe, I have been a part of many educational exhibits and events. My love for teaching and exploration has led me to work with people of all ages, sharing my experiences and discoveries in the field. Contact me to learn more about dinosaur excavations, education, and consultation.

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