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Species: Spinosaurus maroccanus
Formation: Kem Kem Beds
Locality: Morocco
Age: Cretaceous, ~100 mya
This is an authentic Spinosaurus maroccanus tooth from the Kem Kem Beds of Morocco. There is no restoration or repair on this tooth.
Spinosaurus is the largest known theropod dinosaur, at least in terms of length, reaching lengths upwards of 50 feet, potentially approaching 60 feet. Spinosaurus, named for the massive sail on its back, is thought to have been the first primarily aquatic dinosaur, due to a number of specializations. Many of these attributes are found in its long, crocodile-like snout. Its mouth was lined with long, conical, unserrated teeth, much like a crocodile. Spinosaurus even had pits on the end of its snout, which seem to be structures analagous to the pressure sensor pits found in modern day crocodilians. There is hot debate over a recent finding of diminutive Spinosaurus hindlegs which seem to indicate that the animal preferred a quadrupedal stance - another first for Theropoda. The sail on Spinosaurus' back is another topic of debate; some believe its function was thermoregulatory, while others believe it may have been used more for courtship and threat displays. There are even those who believe the tall spines of the vertebrae were not for a sail at all, but rather for supporting a large hump of fat. Few examples of significant Spinosaurus fossils have been discovered, and unfortunately the holotype, which was one of the most complete skeletons found to date, was destroyed in a bombing during World War II.

2.41” Spinosaurus maroccanus Tooth with Root - Kem Kem Beds

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